Sanford Decorative Metal Panel Bed

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The Matte Black finish present on the Sanford is its defining characteristic to be sure.  What other bed shows such a rich distillation of the option of bed as focal point or bed as background décor.  The powder coat application marries texture to the surface in a way that both mutes and plays with light.  Notice how the soft sheen of the finish takes a heavy steel frame and portrays it as light in weight.  The 10 castings locked in place on this bed are intentionally finished in the same black powder coat to show only their silhouette and accentuate their simple nature.  The height of the headboard rises to 52 and 1/8” while the posts on the footboard are 31 and ¼” tall.


>Combines a timeless designs with a delicate attention to detail

>Has a Matte Black powder coat application finish

>Engineered bed frame consists of iron rails, cross arms and feet to provide full support

>Designed to be compatible with most bed frame designs.

>Versatile design

>Underbed clearance