Rainbean 17.5 in. Multi-color Round Acrylic Coffee Table

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The acrylic coffee table is made of high-transparency crystal acrylic, which changes different laser spectrum effects from different angles, dazzling and agile. Circular and triangular designs infuse elegance into the surroundings. Glittering in the sun, the coffee table will reflect the dazzling light with the light source, presenting the ever-changing rainbow wonderland effect, adding a touch of brilliant color to the living room. Simple and elegant interprets the beauty of minimalism and clarity, simple geometric shape, light and fashionable, and the colorful neon light effect reflects a visual feast. Different light is reflected according to the change of angle, whether it is a spotlight or natural light, where there is light, it is colorful.


>[Premium Acrylic]: Acrylic, also known as plexiglass. These modern night stands, characterized by a special multi-color finish. Gorgeous neon color bring dynamism and visual feast to the living space, allowing you to enjoy the new fashion of modern home

>[Charming Design]: It is a group of low laminated acrylic tables designed with a special iridescent multi colored finish, different colors when viewed from different angles, charming and tasteful,the iridescent finish boasts ever-changing hues that shift depending on the light source, angle, and position of the viewer.the lovely combination of round top and clear geometrical legs infuses elegance into the surroundings while bringing a touch of uniqueness to the structure

>[Easy to Assemble]: The assembly is very simple, only a few basic operations are required. The hexagonal wrench and and instructions inside the package can help you complete the assembly in 15 minutes

>[Multiple Use]: This stylish coffee table allows you to enjoy your drinks easily and can be used indoors or outdoors, such as restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, cafes, kitchens, terraces, balconies. Great for living rooms, bedrooms or small spaces

>[Maintenance Tips]:We will protect the product during transportation. After installing the product, tear off the 2 layers of protective film on the desktop. Compared with traditional glass, acrylic is prone to scratches and is not resistant to scalding. Please do not rub this small coffee table with sharp objects. Please use soft tissues or wipes for daily cleaning

>[Note]: Our coffee table has a protective film on the desktop when it leaves the factory, please tear it off before using it, it will be more beautiful