Puff Paste Harmony Upholstery Dining Chair with Conic Legs (Set of 2)

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The design of this chair is inspired by the softness of the sea sponges. Its special rounded design is what makes the Puff Paste model a perfect choice as its raffinate shape will fit any kind of table. Soft and comfy, with a unique design made to last, is our top sales product in 2021.


>Modern Design - The combination of a modern sleek shape and solid color with black flared legs makes it modern yet timeless.

>Superior Comfort - Since your comfort is one of our main concerns, we made sure that the shape of this chair is not just beautiful but also comfortable, the foam padding gives extra support for a long leisurely dinner.

>Crafted Quality – These chairs are a combination of quality materials and the creative minds of a talented team based in Italy, that worked to craft these unique, modern, and elegant designs

>Perfect for relaxing comfortably around a refined dining table.

>Measures: 25"L x 20"W x 32"H

>Minimal Assembly