Nano Scent Long-lasting Pet Spray

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NanoScent® PET is a touch-activated pet deodorizer and conditioner. The patent-pending formula contains scent nanocapsules that break down only when you touch your pet. It can be used immediately after their bath for a burst of freshness or as an in-between deodorizer that will make your pet smell like he's just been at the groomer. Applying on your pet coat acts as a perfume and unpleasant odor neutralizer. It's made with beneficial nourishing, conditioning, and shine-inducing ingredients. From now on, your pet will always smell heavenly
The new smart-technology perfume consists of nanocapsules that contain fragrance. These particles, invisible to your eyes, stick to the surfaces of pet coats, textiles, or similar things. Nanocapsules break apart on physical contact, thus neutralizing unpleasant odors. The gentle fragrance simply does not evaporate unless you activate it, and it lasts 13 times longer than any regular deodorizer. It can also be applied on any textile surface around your home that your pet uses.


>Pet Odor Eliminator Spray: Are you a pet owner embarrassed by pet odors in your home! Suitable to be applied directly on pets�coats or any textile surface around your home, this nanoparticles odor eliminator for strong odor is a smart, modern way to eliminate pet odors; It's a dog spray deodorizer perfume and air freshener all in one, specially designed to help you create a fresh and welcoming home for you and your guests

>Nanoparticles Pet Perfume: Using advanced nanotechnology, this odor eliminator for pets neutralizes the toughest odors without damaging your pet’s skin; The nanoparticles pet perfume are key in this product; They start working efficiently with a simple touch to break down the stink, leaving behind a pleasant smell; What's even better is that the layer of perfume will not evaporate even with no physical contact, it just waits for you to touch it and activate it

>Risk-free to Use: The pet odor eliminator spray was designed to be used directly on your pet fur making your pet coat shiny and silky; The nanoparticles remove odors relating to urine, vomit, and the dreaded poop from the carpets, sofas, pillows, beds, pet clothes, leaving a fresh smell and making the fragrance last longer

>Refreshing Fruity Fragrance: The refreshing, fruity scent is just right for a quick fresh-up of your pet or in-between bath moments; Aldehydes, apple, and aromatic scents set the scene, being the first notes you notice in our room spray air freshener, just to draw you into the middle notes of rose, violet, and orange blossom scent; Woody, leather and amber scent also make their way from base notes to give you a longer-lasting impression

>Multipurpose Fabric Spray Freshener: This spray is simple to use and works effectively on many surfaces, including fabric, hardwood floors, and laundry; Use the odor eliminator for strong odors in carpets, beds, pillows, blankets, towels, couch upholstery, garbage cans, car interiors, and more; The bottle features a very well-made mechanism, and it won't leak