Nano Scent Long-lasting Fabric Spray

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Our patent-pending products are made using nanocapsules that contain fragrance. When sprayed, these tiny particles stick to the surfaces. Then when you touch it, the capsules break and disperse the perfume in the air. You are the only one controlling when to „releaseâ€?the scent. The fragrance lasts at least 13 times longer than any regular spray. NanoScent® has the most pleasant, softest rinsing scents formulated to evoke freshness and purity.


>Highly Scented: Make your guests feel welcomed into your home by spraying your sofa, carpet, curtains, or wardrobe using our highly fragranced, nano scent odor eliminator; Using nanoparticles, this room spray was specially designed to fragrance your home and textile furnishings for days, even weeks

>Nanoparticles Fragrance: Everything you touch smells delightful! Shake the bottle, and spray the desired textile surface with the fabric spray; With just a simple touch the nano fragrance particle will instantly dispense in the air, leaving behind a pleasant smell; What's best is that the layer of perfume will not evaporate even with no physical contact, it just waits for you to touch it again and activate it

>Versatile Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor: Liven up your textiles with our fabric refresher spray! With a refreshingly chypre, floral, long-lasting fragrance, the blue nano spray odor neutralizer can be used as a room spray, ideal for any room of your house, linen spray, pillow spray, carpet freshener, couch deodorizer, car odor eliminator, and much more; A great odor eliminator that keeps your fabrics ideally fresh

>Everlasting Fragrance: Based on a unique engineering method, the odor eliminator features a long-lasting, rich fragrance; The nanoparticles make the fragrance last longer; The fabric spray freshens up your clothes, fabrics, upholstery, and carpet, leaving your items smelling nice for a nice period

>Innovative Fragrance: A chypre, floral, long-lasting fragrance allows your mind to dream and wonder back to happy memories; Aldehydes, apple and aromatic scents set the scene, being the first notes you notice in our room spray air freshener, just to draw you into the middle notes of rose, violet and orange blossom scent; Woody, leather and amber scent also make their way from base notes to give you a longer-lasting impression