MyZoo Spaceship Gamma: Wall Mounted Cat Bed Open on the Left-Black

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For the past few years, we’ve been studying and designing the coziest bed for cats. After series of designing, field-testing, and remodeling, we are proud to present one of our finest pieces of work, Spaceship Series.Each component in Spaceship Series provides specific function; the transparent acrylic provides a secure environment by giving the cat a much wider eyesight. The four air holes on the body creates better air circulation and reduce the echo that may be caused in a surrounded space.


>UNIQUE ROUND SHAPE: MYZOO Design present Gamma cat bed inspired by the concept of spaceship and outer space. Felines are the most adorable creature which don't belong to this planet, they are the most cutest alien from the outer space. The round shape they would love to cuddle and cradle in it. They can have full scratch out or a catify self-cleaning inside of it.

>MATERIAL MIX-UP: Felines love sturdy and stable place for rest and sleeping. Myzoo create cat bed with solid wood to keep them safe and secured. The most creative part of Gamma is the acrylic dome add to the bed. Felines can look through the acrylic while they are inside to make them feel secured that they can know the situation around. Cat lovers can also observe their paws and cute faces from the outside. Acrylic dome allows felines and cat lovers interact with each other.

>LARGE SPACE: The round shape is specially produced based on all breed of body shape for all cats. Cats have extra space for cuddling by adding the acrylic dome. Cat lovers may add their favorite mattress inside to make them feel comfortable, and the space may be more crowded which felines love the most.

>MULTIPLE USING: Gamma is designed to be a wall-mounted cat furniture, but it can be placed on the floor as well. It can be located on the ground and felines can get into through the opening aside. Cat lovers can interact with felines from the clear acrylic dome. Gamma is a multiple use wooden cat bed!

>SIMPLE & STYLISH: Original designed cat furniture would be a perfect match with any types of interior design, so cats and cat lovers would share the happiness living spaces all together while having their own territory.