MyZoo Cylinder Replacement, Accessories: Extend Cat scratcher, Scratching Post to Two Times Length

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NOTED: It's a REPLACEMENT of Cylinder, Please go to the Cylinder page for purchasing whole set first. When pet a cat, we might face the scratching problem.
The cats may scratch on the wallpaper, on the carpet or on the sofa.
No matter how hard we try to stop them, it just can’t stop them.
To solve the problem, first, we need to understand them why:
When they are scratching, they getting a sense of security and ownership.

Secondly, we need to provide them a “right scratcherâ€?
Some cats love the scratching angle in vertical, some love in horizontal.
To satisfy the different preference of the cats,
we design the Cylinder cat scratching which we can put in any angle we want.
We can mount the Cylinder on the wall as a cat walkway.
With the sisal rope, the cats can walk on the Cylinder steadily and safely.
Plus, we can connect an extra Cylinder to extend the length of cat walkway.
(For cat’s safety, we suggest extend to maximum two times length.)

We can also use the Cylinder as a floor cat scratcher.
With the attached non-slip mat,
the Cylinder will be a sturdy and stable construction for cat scratching.

On the material, we choose the natural sisal rope which is excellent for cat scratching.
Unlike those cat scratching post which made of carboard or cork.
Our sisal rope is high-strength and durable.
Plus, it won’t leave messy scrap shavings when scratching.

By providing the cats a Cylinder, a right scratcher. We can reduce the chance which they scratch on sofa.


>No Messy Scrap Shavings!

>Build and Maintain Healthy Cat Claws!

>Natural Sisal Rope made, High-Strength and Durable!

>Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher. Previde A Fun Walkway for Cat.

>Floor Standing Cat scratcher with 8 non-slip mat. Cylinder is Sturdy and Stable!

>Wooden Cat Friendly Furniture, Truly Cater to Your Cat's Needs.

>Easily Build The Cat Wall In Your Home With MyZoo Products

>A Cat Step Fun For All Ages


Main Material Wood
California Proposition 65 Warning No
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Taiwan
Product Weight 3.3 lbs
Overall Dimensions 19.3"L x 3.93"W x 6"H