Gyber Chef Apron

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We decided to develop this apron because we found that most of the aprons on the market can't meet the needs of our BBQ fans. We will use some tools when we barbecue, so we designed 6 bags to store different tools and seasoning bottles. In addition, when barbecue, the meat, and sauce are easy to drip onto our clothes or aprons, and it is difficult to clean the ordinary aprons when they are stained, but our apron uses waxed to finish, which is easy to clean.
In terms of material and design, we use high-quality black Oxford cloth, four copper metal rings, and white leather to wrap the strap. The cross-back design is more stylish.



>Material:High quality oxford cloth

>Finish:Wax. Easy to clean oil and other stains (Due to the surface finish with wax, when you open the package, you may see white creases, which will disappear as long as you blow them with a hairdryer for a while.)

>Storage: 6 deep and strong pockets for your tools 

>Adjustable Size:  This apron's size is 27"L x 34"W it offers a custom fit for different body types and height. Adjustable back straps can customize the fit for a height range of 5’3” to 6’4”, while long tie straps have a reach that can accommodate up to a 50-inch waistline.

>Broad Use: For professional and commercial use, not only for barbecue, but also for gardening, cooking, painting, etc.



Material Oxford cloth
Color Black
Finish Wax
Included Apron x 1