Floreal 16-Piece Modern Orange and Yellow Earthenware Dinnerware Set (Service for 4)

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Oxford looks for many references in the fashion world to "dress" the plate with trend-aligned prints. And this sometimes expands borders and seeks inspiration also in the essence of country traditions and cultures. The La Pollera collection is inspired by Spanish colonial dresses. This folk costume brings bright and cheerful colours that will make the table youthful and rich in detail. These differentiated dishes, perfect for more elegant and formal meals.


> Stackable and Scratch Resistant 

>Microwave Safe

>Dishwasher Safe

>Gloss surface safe for food contact - FDA Approved

>Item Includes:4 DINNER PLATES 10.04; 4 SALAD PLATES 7.87; 4 BOWL 20.29OZ; 4 MUG 11.16OZ


Color/Specific Color Orange and Yellow
Main Product Material Earthenware
Shape Round
Pattern Flower
Set Size 4 DINNER PLATES 10.04";
4 BOWL 20.29OZ;
4 MUG 11.16OZ
Collection Name Floreal
Residential Use Yes 
Commercial Grade No
Type of Assembly No
California Proposition 65 Warning No
Country of Origin Brazil
Warranty 90 Days for Manufacturer Defects
Eco-Friendly(Y/N) Y
Large Plate Length  10.039"
Large Plate Height 1.299"
Large Plate Depth  1.299"
Large Plate Weight  0.700 kg
Medium Plate Length  7.874"
Medium Plate Height 0.984"
Medium Plate Depth 0.984"
Medium Plate Weight 0.390 kg
Soup plate / Bowl Length 5.937"
Soup plate / Bowl Height 2.559"
Soup plate / Bowl Depth 2.559"
Soup plate / Bowl Weight 0.430 kg
Bowl Ounce Fill Capacity 20.29 OZ
Mug Length 3.740"
Mug Height 3.937"
Mug Depth 3.937"
Mug Weight 0.360 kg
Mug Ounce Fill Capacity 11.16 OZ
Rim:Does this product have a decorative outer rim? No
Rim Detail:This tag should be selected if the SKU has a colored or metal band at/aRound the rim of the plate. No
Matte Finish:Does this product have a soft and matte surface? A matte finish is the opposite of a gloss finish. No
Function:Is this suited for fine dining or Casual dining? Casual
Food Safe:Is it safe for food to come in direct contact with the surface of this product? Yes
Microwave Safe:Is this product safe to use in a microwave? If there are any limits about microwave use (for warming only; only up to 212 degrees; etc), please list them here. Yes
Dishwasher Safe:Is this product safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher without causing damage? Yes
Product Care:Any manufacturer-specific instructions regarding how to care for this product. E.g., "Wipe clean with a dry cloth," "Do Not use strong liquid cleaners." No
Oven Safe:Is thais product safe for use in an oven? No
Scratch Resistant:Is the product scratch or abrasion resistant? Yes
Chip Resistant:Is this product resistant to chipping or cracking? No
Stackable:Can this product be safely stacked (without causing any damage to the product)? Yes
Purposeful Distressing Type:What of the following types of distressing does the product have? Multiple can be selected if applicable. If the product is NoT distressed, please select No Distressing. No Distressing
Supplier Intended and Approvaaed Use:In which types of settings do you approve of Wayfair indicating marketing this product is suitable for use. Please select both, if both options apply. Residential Use
Lead Free:Is this product lead-free? Yes
PTFE Free:Is the product free of any PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)? Yes
Commercial Dishwasher Safe:Is this product commercial dishwasher safe? Yes
Commercial Oven Safe:Is this product commercial oven safe (according to 21 CFR 174.5)? Yes
Commercial Microwave Safe:Is this product commercial microwave safe (according to 21 CFR 174.5)? Yes
Commercial OR Residential Certifications:Please select any and all Residential OR Commercial certifications that apply to the item. Yes
FDA Approved:Is this product FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)approved? Yes
SFI Certified:Is this product SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified? No
Certifications:Please select any and all commercially *exclusive* certifications that apply to the item. No
PFOA Free:Is the product free of any PFOA (PerfluorooctaNoic acid)? Yes
BPA Free:Does this product contain 0% BPA (BispheNol A), a plastic compound with toxic properties? Yes
ISTA 3A or 6A Certified:Is the packaging for this SKU ISTA 3A or 6A Certified? No
Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations (UPLR) Compliant:Does your product comply with the Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations, which requires product packaging to be accurate and provide adequate information as to the identity and quantity of its contents? Yes
NSF Certified:Is this product NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified or approved? Yes
Glazed Ceramics and Glassware Regulations SOR/2016-175:Does this product comply with Glazed Ceramics and Glassware Regulations SOR/2016-175, the Canadian regulation establishing standards for the chemical composition of glazed ceramics and glassware? Yes
Commercial Warranty:Does the manufacturer warranty support use in a Non residential environment No
Carb Free Yes
Product Weight 21.6 lbs
Overall Dimensions 15.35"L x 11.3"W x 3.94"H