FENCE SHOCK Yellow Nail-on 5-Inch Extender Wood Post Insulator (Set of 10)

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FENCE SHOCK Nail-on 5" Extender Insulator comes with a long galvanised nail extends the wire 5" from the wooden post. The electric fence insulator can fix your electrified wire to wooden posts without losing energy. It can be used with all gauges of wire. Each bag has 25 yellow insulators with a long galvanised nail packed.


>Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope to be free running, wire up to 1/5''.

>Extends wire 5'' from wood post.

>Impact resistant plastic, sturdy and long-term use.

>One long galvanised nail is included.

>Packed 10 per bag, color: yellow.

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.