FENCE SHOCK Yellow Insulated Handle Rubber Gate Handle (Set of 5)

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More pliable rubber for better insulation and less likely to be damaged in cold weather. Deep ribs and longer size for a better grip. Compression spring assembly will keep tension on wire and large wire hook is designed to straighten out if livestock should run through gate. Hook can be bent back and thus reused again. Bright yellow color for high visibility. Made of polyethylene plastic, unbreakable, immune to weather, freezing and hot sun. Nonporous, dries off quickly, washes clean in rain.


>For electric fence gates.

>Semi-rigid vinyl inner tube surrounds plated safety hook.

>Tough polymer liner provides extra safety and strength.

>Won't crack in cold weather.

>Quantity of five yellow synthetic rubber gate handles.

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.