FENCE SHOCK White 48 Inch Step-in Fence (Set of 25)

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Quickly set up fencing in any outdoor area with FENCE SHOCK Black Step-In Fence Posts. Each post features a step-in flange with anti-rotation spike to secure it in the ground as well as 8 clips that are big enough to hold 2-inch poly tape.FENCE SHOCK built these fence posts to last while being easy to install and remove.


>Length: Total length 48", out ground 38.2";measured from the top of the step-in flange: 5", 9.5", 12.5", 17.45", 21.45", 26.75", 30.10", 35.25" (highest fence height).

>Sturdy & Reliable: Prefect for temporary fence made from UV-resistant polypropylene material with reinforced ribs for strength to offer strength and durability.

>8 Molded Clips: The clips hold electric fence wire (up to 1/4") and poly tape (up to up to 2") to be free running, and allow you to set your fence line to the height you need.

>Secure Installation: With a heavy-duty galvanised sharp metal spike end of post, easily stepped into hard ground. Step-in flange to quickly set the post with your foot. The ant-rotation spike will keep the post from turning.

>Multiple Uses: It can be used for gardening, farming, boundary line markings, crowd control, sheep, cattle and animals.

>Quickly set up fencing in any outdoor area.