FENCE SHOCK T-Post Holding Insulators for 2 inch (Set of 25)

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FENCE SHOCK Standard Snug-Fitting T-Post Insulator fits securely on standard (1.25 or 1.33) studded T-posts. Created as one molded piece, this insulator - needs no hardware. These black electric fence insulators are packed 25 per bag.


>LONG LAST USING: Made of impact resistant plastic, sturdy and durable, anti-UV, last for one year.

>APPLICATION: Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope to be free running, up to 5mm wire.

>Extends wire 2'' from face of post.

>One molded piece needs no hardware.

>Electrical fencing is a necessity on farms and ranchers to confine livestock in a protected area.

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.