FENCE SHOCK Silver Electric Fence Wire Strainer (Set of 10)

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Cast by aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable for long term use. The locking frame can effectively prevent the tooth wheel from rotating to increase the reliability after installation. High quality and excellent performance ensures it will be strong enough to keep the livestock in the right place. Easy to install, perfect for you to build a sturdy fence.


>Materials: Galvanized steel.

>For steel/aluminum wire, poly wire, poly tape up to 1-1/2" Wide and all poly ropes.

>Insulated loop on top of post for simple and quick wire insertion.

>Ideal for temporary electric fence enclosures or managed intensive grazing applications.

>Steel Fence T-Post, garden fencing electric fence temporary fence post, electric fence posts, step in fence post, pig tail fence post, galvanized steel rod, for temporary fencing. Ideal for temporary fencing, t post driver.

>Cast by aluminum alloy.