FENCE SHOCK Polyrope Black Insulator (Set of 25)

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This electric fence insulator is an ideal fixture for round or fiberglass posts. The insulator holds the electrified wire, creating a barrier between the post and the wire to prevent losing electric current through it. This allows the wire to be removed from a few posts and then, dropped on the ground without the extra effort that is associated with loosening all the wire fence insulators. This makes driving over the wires easy, without too much effort.


>Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope to be free running.

>Be made of impact resistant plastic, non-conductive & durable.

>It can hold wire up to 9mm.

>The SNUG FIT T-POST insulator assists in holding electrified wires next to fencing posts without losing any electrical energy through the post.

>The insulators are available in a pack of 25 PCS.

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.