FENCE SHOCK Electric Fence Wire Holding Insulator (Set of 25)

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This electric fence insulator is an ideal fixture for round or fiberglass posts. The insulator holds the electrified wire, creating a barrier between the post and the wire to prevent losing electric current through it. This allows the wire to be removed from a few posts and then, dropped on the ground without the extra effort that is associated with loosening all the wire fence insulators. This makes driving over the wires easy, without too much effort.


>FENCING INSULATOR: Electrical fencing is the most common choice among livestock managers and commercial farm owners. This means using the relevant fencing accessories too, like the round post insulator that is designed to secure electrified wires on fencing posts.

>ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: The material of the fencing insulator does not conduct electricity. Preventing current from flowing through the post it is hosted on means safety and preventing losing electrical charge. The barrier it creates eliminates the risk of electrical shorts between the electric wires and steel rod posts.

>EASY INSTALLATION: The round post insulator is a single-piece instrument designed to easily wrap around round posts or fiberglass posts. It can easily be installed without the use of technical tools.

>LONGER LIFESPAN: The wire fence insulator has a robust structure which prevents arching and provides all-weather performance. It is unaffected by the electrified wires, adding to its durability.

>PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The lightweight fence wire insulators are available in a pack of 25 pieces and can easily fit onto 1/4 in. to 9/16 in. round posts and 5/8 in.

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.