FENCE SHOCK Black U Post Extended Insulator (Set of 25)

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Made from quality plastic that are UV stable and designed for long life. Designed to be easily attached to compatible fence posts. Deliver excellent arcing protection, reducing risk of shorets on the fence. Full range of options to cover most fence post and wire types. FENCE SHOCK extender insulators protect existing fences by extending electric fence barrier from existing wires.


>Fits standard t-posts and u-posts, fastens electrified wire to chain link fence without losing energy.

>Allow wire, poly wire, poly rope to be free running.

>Extends wire 3 3/4 inch from face of chain link fence, 2 1/2 inch U-post impact resistant plastic.

>Front-end loading feature accommodates all wire sizes.

>Easy snap-on design

>Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for all-weather performance.