Canyon Home Vintage Gold Wagon Wheel Light Fixture with Semi White Glass Shades, 8 Bulb, Elegant Overhead Lighting and Home Decor, Entryway, Dining Room, and Foyer

Item: CY-8006-961101-GLD (UPC: 853072008746)


Experience the golden radiance of this wagon wheel style overhead light fixture that produces gorgeous lighting in 360°.

When you want to fill a larger space with more light and more originality, nothing provides more coverage and luxurious style than a Canyon Home Golden Wagon Wheel Overhead Light Fixture that emits 360° of light with 8 bulbs. Boasting a lightweight steel frame powder-coated in a sand gold finish the fixture offers beautiful ambiance and style no standard dome can recreate.

Featuring 8 semi-white shade covers surrounding a brilliant golden wheel frame, this larger than life fixture looks amazing in larger shared spaces, such as your living room, dining room, entryway, foyer, or even personal den. And because it can be installed on sloped or flat ceilings it helps bring a room full of furniture together while creating warmth and balance you’ll adore.