Canyon Home Rustic Globe Chandelier Light (3-Bulb) Round, Contemporary Steel Design with Wood Pattern Finish | Classic Home, Entryway, and Foyer Décor

Item: CH-0007 (UPC: 853072008067)


The right home decor can make all the difference, especially when it comes to lighting. That’s why we created this beautiful [Brand] Globe Chandelier that offers a decorative style to your home or living space and produces just the right amount of warm, inviting lighting that makes people feel welcome and relaxed. Easy to hang and designed with an adjustable hang height, it’s perfect for your entryways, kitchen, dining room, and more.


  • This hardwired 110V hanging chandeliers provide optimal light distribution thanks to a unique design that holds three bulbs for 360° coverage.
  • The heavy-duty steel design is covered in a decorative wood pattern that gives it a more natural, rustic feel that pairs well with contemporary home styles.
  • Designed for Elegance
    Every Canyon Home sphere globe is carefully crafted for perfect balance and strong resilience that will provide years of beautiful lighting. Designed to fit a standard 40W bulb, you can create just the right ambiance to suit your home.
  • Easy to Install and Hang
    Chandeliers can replace your existing hanging lights or even flush lights fairly easily with minimal tools required. Make sure you shut off the power before replacing/hooking up any wiring to maintain proper safety.
  • A vintage look with a black, high-quality chain, these globe chandeliers help set the tone of a room by giving it a more welcoming look and producing comforting light.
  • Each sphere chandelier weighs just 8 lbs. and can be mounted with little effort. We do recommend having a partner to assist you to ensure safety and proper mounting.
  • The heavy-duty steel frame is rust and corrosion resistant to ensure it looks great all year-round and to help protect it against temperature and seasonal changes.


    • Stunning 3 Light Chandelier – Designed to hold three 40W light bulbs, these hanging lights provide just the right balance of lighting for a warm atmosphere.
    • Beautiful, Natural-Looking Finish – A steel spray in a wooden pattern, these sphere chandeliers give you a rustic, farmhouse look that goes with any natural home decor.
    • Decorative Placement Options – These premium steel chandeliers can be placed almost anywhere, including the front entryway, tall dining room, or large kitchen
    • Adjustable Hanging Length – We provide a 21.2” chain that can be adjusted to provide you a shorter or longer hanging length to better match your personal space.
    • Trusted 1-Year Warranty – Every [Brand] foyer chandelier is backed by superior quality craftsmanship, responsive customer service, and a reliable 1-year warranty.