Canyon Home Modern Drum Chandelier Overhead Light Fixture with 10 Light Bulb Support and White Fabric Shade, Beautiful Hanging Lighting for Foyer, Living or Dining Room Use

Item: CY-8006-961111-BLK (UPC: 853072008838)


Make a bold statement with an elegant drum chandelier lighting fixture that boasts 10 bulbs with glass covers and a white fabric shade.

When you’re looking for an elegant overhead light fixture that’s beautiful, stylish, and truly separates itself from standard lighting, nothing creates a more stunning environment than a Canyon Home Modern Drum Chandelier. Able to support 10 LED bulbs and boasting glass covers and a soft white fabric shade, it offers multiple layers of dimmable, sophisticated lighting that’s truly original.

Sitting atop a matte black steel frame, this 10-bulb lighting fixture adds style and grace to your living or dining room, large kitchen, front door entryway, or any space where you want to enhance the furniture and establish a more relaxed, welcoming experience. Beautifully elegant and easy to hang, upgrade your living area with an overhead lighting fixture that takes style to a whole new level.