Canyon Home Elegant Glass Pendant Light Fixture for Living and Dining Rooms, Kitchen, Entryways, or Foyer, Beautiful Home Decor Down Lighting, Flush Mount, Dimmable

Item: CY-8009-AM51428-3-BRN (UPC: 853072008883)


Enhance the natural tone and ambiance of your dining room, foyer, or living area with a stunning glass pendant from Canyon Home.

Establishing a more sophisticated or luxurious tone in your home begins with the right lighting, especially for more noticeable overhead pieces that spread light and warmth all over the room. We developed the Canyon Home Glass Pendant Light Fixture with its unique cylindrical shape to not only highlight the softer, more welcoming light but to create a more distinguished feel that’s truly noticeable.

This gorgeous light fixture offers the ideal balance you want in a stylish, yet decorative piece including dimmable overhead lighting and a rustic home design that’s second to none. Easy to install and offering a long, hanging cable length to help suit flat or sloped ceilings, get it now and see how it adds stunning ambiance to your space.