Canyon Home 12 Light Chandelier Wagon Wheel (37” Wide) Matte Black Steel Frame | Large Home Decoration | Foyer, Entryway, Dining Room

Item: CH-0005 (UPC: 853072008043)


The right lighting can set the mood, create ambiance, and inspire guests the moment they walk into a room or your home, especially when it’s a [Brand] Tear Drop Chandelier that features a rustic, wood-patterned finish and supports up to twelve 25-watt bulbs (not included). Providing the perfect balance of style, functionality, and class, it looks great in almost any room or area of your home and is sure to set the right tone for your decorative style.


  • These steel wagon wheel light fixtures include everything you need to easily replace an existing ceiling light and install this chandelier with minimal effort.
  • These 12-light chandeliers support 25-watt bulbs in standard or dimmable form, which means if you have a dimmer switch you can set the right ambiance for every occasion.
  • Classic Wagon Wheel
    Larger and wider than standard globe chandeliers, these "wheels" offer a minimalistic, yet eye-catching design that's perfect for today's modern homes. In fact, the sleek, matte black finish and 12-bulb design can help you create just the right atmosphere.
  • Minimal Assembly Required
    These chandeliers are easy to install in place of almost any existing light fixture and come with all the hardware you'll need to get it hung up with the minimal effort. As always, we recommend having a partner help you based on size and lifting safety.
  • The 12-light design provides 360° light coverage that’s soft, warm, and not overpowering, making a perfect addition to dining areas or front door entryways.
  • Though large in size these steel wagon wheels only weigh 8.5 lbs., which means they’re easier to manage even when you’re hanging them up on a high ceiling.
  • The four extending arms that reach down to the wagon wheel help provide universal stability and added safety while it’s hanging to ensure long-lasting durability.


    • Beautiful Wagon Wheel Lighting – A classic farmhouse chandelier with a more modern matte black design, this inspired fixture supports 12 bulbs for 360° lighting.
    • Matte Black Finish – The contemporary look is complete with a dark steel look that lets the bulbs be the true highlight of the piece as they provide an expansive glow.
    • Ideal Lighting Centerpiece – A 12-light chandelier design, these large wagon wheels become a focal point for almost any living space, foyer, entryway, or dining room.
    • Adjustable Chain Length – Our chains can let you raise or lower each wide, circle chandelier from 34.6” to 46.8” to better match the decor or furniture below.
    • Trusted 1-Year Warranty – Every [Brand] foyer chandelier is backed by superior quality craftsmanship, responsive customer service, and a reliable 1-year warranty.