Caldwell 47.2 in. W x 18.9 in. D. x 20.7 in. H American Style Bathroom Cabinet Floor-standing MDF Bathroom Vanity Washbasin Combination with U Drawer

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The vanity is with MDF painting and quartz sand material. It is environmentally friendly for our health. It has different size to meet your need.


>High grade quartz sand basin is made of food grade material, absorbs water quickly without leaving dirt. It is made of double-layer firing and is an antibacterial expert.

>The cabinet is with smooth black matte metal handle, delicate touch, comfortable and smooth.

>Upper and lower double drawers, large storage space.

>ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL- The bathroom vanity countertop integrated basin made by quartz sand which is one body Integrated molding, no water stain and easy to clean. Vanity material is MFC with a free painting plate E1 class which is good for health.

>The Drawer running system is with soft closing rail, noiseless and comfortable. Less abrasion and longer service life.

>The basin is with integrated molding. It is easy to clean with no dead angle and anti-bacteria and anti-yellowing.