Burlington Bath Vanity with imitation stone design

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Inspired by the Milky way, it extends the series of star bathroom cabinets. The black frosted integrated quartz sand basin presents the solemnity and serenity of the night. The details of the drawer panel are a collection of gravels of different sizes, just like the galaxy of stars converging in the sky.


>This bathroom vanity is special for its small cabinet and free up space.

>The cabinet adopts natural texture with transparent color and great beauty.

>The artificial stone integrated table with black frosted texture is like the solemnity and tranquility of the night.

>The details of the stone panel are gathered in the form of gravel of different sizes, just like the milky way gathered by the stars in the sky, magnificent and profound.

>ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL- The bathroom vanity made of MFC paint-free board, which is good for health. Anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, and easy to clean.

>The vanity is with ABS ultra-thin U-shaped hole to avoid water and orderly storage.