Aquaflora 3-Piece Drip lrrigation Kit

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Aquaflora Holiday, is a stand alone watering system for potted plants that allows day-trippers and holiday-makers to get away with no worries, and no need to disturb friends and family, while guaranteeing that their plants will stay healthy and hydrated. Simple and practical, in order to function it only requires a plastic bottle of 0,132-0,52 gallons capacity. No need to move any plant from its usual place and no need for makeshift connections to the water supply.


>Practical hang-pack containing 3 pieces, for keeping all house plants regularly watered during excursions, trips and holidays

>Suitable both for house plants and for potted plants out in the open

>Suitable for any kind of potted or planter, whatever the size and shape

>Aquaflora holiday incorporates a special outlet grille that delivers each successive drip  avoiding evaporation of the water and ensuring that the plant will stay in perfect health

>Plants are watered by constant drip irrigation, ensuring that there can be no harmful waterlogging of the roots; the release of water from the bottle is adjusted with a handy tap positioned on the front of the spike

>Easy to use