10 Watt UVC Air Sanitizer

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Bathroom and Personal Space UVC Air Sanitizer. No Filters needed!  Our UVC Air Sanitizer uses proprietary Multi-pass UVC technology to sanitize the air without the need for expensive air filters that have to be replaced every 3-6 months. BATHROOMS NEED UVC AIR SANITIZERS! Recent studies have shown that bacteria and viruses are aerosolized up into the air during toilet flushing, even with the lid closed which can make Bathrooms one of the most contagious places in a business or home. Filters trap and hold airborne contaminates, do you really want to trap and hold the types of contaminates that can be in a bathroom’s air? Our UVC Air Sanitizers do not use air filters and are the best products for use in bathrooms.


>9W Philips UV- C lamp, Philips is the industry leader for UVC

>Only 10 watts of energy usage

>Sanitizes up to 30 Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

>Whisper quiet fan

>Stylish Metal Housing - not cheap plastic

>Replace the UVC lamp once per year

>No Filters needed

>Small size: 4.7”x5.5”x11.8â€?/span>

>Wall mount bracket included

>2 year Limited warranty (Philips UV lamp has 1 year replacement warranty)

>ETL/UL 507 Certified, CARB certified

>Perfect Bathroom and Personal space  UVC Air Sanitizer