Kitchen Sinks | Mistakes to avoid when choosing one!

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Double Sink

Mistakes to avoid from choosing your Kitchen Sink and end up with years of frustration.

For many decades, the kitchen is considered the heart of every home.  At the heart of every kitchen, is the Sink. An independent survey proves that over 60% of the work is done at the Sink. Beyond just washing the dishes, the Kitchen sink has also been often used as a food preparation area. This creates a great deal of dirt, definitely. And this must be cleaned away. But this costs time.

Homeowners undergoing a Kitchen revamp will inevitably face a question: 
What kind of Kitchen Sink will suit me? Avoid the common mistakes when choosing aKitchen Sink. Choosing an unsuitable one will end up with years of frustration.

Sink Size Vs Space Availability
In land scarce Singapore, most homes & Kitchen are increasingly becoming smaller. Avoid the mistake of falling in love with a large sink only to realise that it takes up too much of your Kitchen Top space. Know on hand what is the space availability & allocation on your Kitchen Top for the Kitchen Sink. As a rough guide, A Kitchen Sink should not take up more than 1/3 of your Kitchen Top space. Remember to leave sufficient space for your hob, Kitchen Accessories & space for food preparation.


Sink Material Vs Practicality
Understand the difference between the different material used in constructing the Kitchen Sink. The most common sink material used today are stainless steel & Granite composite. Be familiar with the plus & minus points for each material type & beware of inferior material widely available in the market. For example, inferior or lower grade granite composite sinks will easily lose its colour pigment or scratches become easily visible.   


Bowl combination Vs Your Working Habit 
Today’s Kitchen Sinks comes with various bowl combination, mainly designed with your working habits & installation area in mind. Do not simply follow what others have chosen since our working habits around the sink are different from others. For example, homeowners who prefer double bowl sinks usually like to contain dirty dishes/utensils in one bowl while cleaning them in the other bowl. Some even purchase optional accessories such as a strainer, to be fitted on one of the bowls. Others may prefer a single bowl (aka Jumbo bowl) for a single large washing area.


Sink Model Vs installation method
Kitchen sinks can be installed in either two main methods: Undermounted or Top Mounted. Both methods provide its advantages & disadvantages which will be discussed in another article. Different sink model can be installed in either method or both. Do not make the mistake of buying a sink only to realise that it cannot be installed as per your desire.


Budget/Cost Vs Quality
Work out a budget for your kitchen Sink & be familiar with the market rate of the same quality. Most importantly, understand the value you are paying for. Take note that low price never necessary means good quality. For example, Stainless steel sink comes in a different grade, such as 18/8 or 18/10. For granite composite sinks, the percentage of granite & its composite will affect its long-term quality. The old saying continues to hold true today: A dollar for A Dollar of Quality.