How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

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If your bathroom needs a change, but you’re not ready for the mess and expense of a complete renovation, the vanity is a great place to start. Although it may seem like a simple decision, the type of vanity you choose can make—or break—your bathroom’s look and functionality. Here’s how to choose the right bathroom vanities for any bathroom space.

Bathroom Vanity

Size Is Crucial

The aspect of any vanity that will have the most impact on bathroom functionality will be its size. Clues about the ideal size for your vanity can be found by looking at the plumbing and considering how much room is in your bathroom overall. For example, you don’t want a vanity that is so wide or deep that you cannot open the doors all the way, or have to squeeze past on your way in or out. The height of the vanity will also be important if you have lights, a bathroom vanity mirror, or cabinet installed on the wall above. Size will also matter where it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Your new vanity shouldn’t make cleaning more difficult by preventing access to the spaces around it.

Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror


There are several types of bathroom vanity sets out there, but you want to be mindful of your current vanity’s style when it’s time to choose a new one. Why? Because making a drastic style change could mean that you have to re-route your plumbing. A wall-mounted vanity may look like the ideal choice—but not when plumbing is visible below. If you’re not planning to reroute your plumbing, a pedestal or cabinet type of vanity can give a fresh and clean look.

Counter Space and Sink

There are just as many choices for sink styles as there are for vanity types. Not only can sinks be made from virtually any type of material you can imagine, but they can sit on top of your vanity’s counter or be sunken into it. Regardless of the sink style you choose, it will consume counter space. How much space will depend on you. If you typically require a lot of counter space, a sunken style will offer you more to work with.

Theme and Materials

When replacing your vanity, you’ll want to be sure you stick with your bathroom’s existing theme, especially if don’t plan on upgrading any other elements for the long term. Going for the trendiest vanity may be tempting, but it can look completely out of place once you get it home. You’ll also want to choose a vanity made from materials that can handle humidity and wear and tear. Stone surfaces like marble can be ideal, but treated wood can also work well if your bathroom is well-ventilated. My Home & Bath sources the best quality and the most unique bathroom accessories and vanities to suit every home. Discover how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for at the price you want to pay by calling (833) 856-3773.