Do You Want To Make A Big Statement In A Small Bathroom

Do You Want To Make A Big Statement In A Small Bathroom

Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

“These powder rooms pack a lot of style into the tiniest of spaces”


Deciding what’s worth the splurge and what’s not can be a tricky game. When you’re designing a small space, little details matter. A powder room renovation is a great opportunity to create a jewel box of a space. Due to the limited floor space, you can feel more comfortable spending more on materials, because you’ll need less of them.


1. Tiled walls

In such a small space, a little tile goes a long way. If you have perfectly intact flooring, consider adding a tiled element to the walls. Now is the time to pay a visit to your local artisanal tile shop for a customised look.


2. Fixtures

Splurging on brass tapware can give you a look you love. Think beyond the standard stainless steel or nickel fixtures and go for something bold. A brass tap may wind up costing a bit more, but it’s bound to make a dramatic impact.

3. Storage

Whether it’s in the form of a built-in or your vanity, a little storage may be just what your small bathroom needs. Adding this element will give you room to grow. You can make your tight space feel larger by having a place to hide all your toiletries.


4. Vanity

Not all vanities need to be that cookie-cutter standard white cabinet. Go for something you’ve always dreamed about. The cool live-edge benchtop is all this bathroom needs to make a big statement.

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5. Wallpaper

Have you been lusting over a pretty floral print? An all-over pattern can crowd a large space, but a small space may just be your ticket for whimsical wallpaper. In a smaller space, wallpaper can add major style.


6. Flooring

If you’re taking on a full gut renovation, ripping up your floor can be daunting. Get past your fears by dreaming about what’s next. Lay down some high-end tile in your small space and let those fears slip away.


7. Artwork

Sometimes all your space needs is a piece of art or two. Hanging just one colorful piece can give you space you so deeply desire. Splurge on artwork from your favorite artist and bring life to a dull powder room.


8. Mirror

This bone inlay mirror is swoon-worthy – it’s also totally splurge-worthy. A piece like this isn’t cheap. However, when it’s one of few elements in the room, it really makes an impact.


9. Lighting

Whether you’re in the market for a chandelier or a pair of sconces, don’t skimp. Good-looking lighting can provide some much-needed drama to your powder room. Hunt for the piece that speaks to your style, and don’t be afraid to dream big.

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